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Legal Action


Inter-Credit collects the majority of cases passed on a No Collection, No Fee basis, without the cost of litigation and the uncertainty of using the courts. For certain non-responsive cases, Inter- Credit may recommend that Legal Action be taken.

Legal service is provided by Inter-Credit for both the UK and worldwide. We have a global network of lawyers and agents.

If your claim is not recovered by amicable means. Our trained account handlers will evaluate if further action is viable.

Factors to consider before litigation
(1) Who are you contracted with? Can you can confirm the legal identity of the customer, Individual, Partnership, Limited Company.
(2) Can You Prove The Claim? Can you produce supporting documentation such proofs of booking, copy contracts, proof of delivery. Have any disputes been resolved.
(3) Is balance Sufficient To Warrant Legal Action? Many customers will not litigate balances under £600.00.
(3) Is the is customer credit worthy? You must ensure the customer has funds or assets to enforce against if the claim is successful.

In the event proceedings are commenced Inter-Credit and it's Solicitors will assist the customer through the full legal process up to a court hearing (if required).

Debt Recovery Through The Courts

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